13 Sep 2008

Open Homes poster competition winners!

Well more about Randwick Village Hall opening on a blog here very soon - it was a huge success with well over 400 people calling in during the day!!! But more of that later - first the results of the poster competition - see background to competition here...

Photos: Two general photos then the 4 winners at the bottom.

Greg Dance, a Transition Stroud member and Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish councillor had set the competition up as part of the exhibition today in the Village hall - Randwick School children had made many very wonderful posters about being energy efficient - from using your pets to power the lights to tapping into the powers of volcanoes - the richness and wonders of their imagination was great.....

It was only when I got there that I learnt that I was to be judging the posters - uuuggggh - a difficult task - anyhow the four winners are below.

I'll pop into the school early next week with the small prizes donated by the Greenshop. I am afraid I don't know the names yet as there are only numbers on the pictures!!!

The ones I judged - and I have to say I sought advice from some of the hall committee - included super mice in the tyres to help the car go, the great message which is after all the cheapest - 'Put a Jumper On' - plus a great hydro one and a windmill...

Anyhow a big thank you to all who took part - they added great colour to the hall.

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