26 Sep 2008

Last hours to make your vote count

Last night I got an email saying that today, Friday 26th, is the final day for getting in our responses to the Government's weekend voting consultation. Given the lack of anything new announced on the Governance of Britain agenda - excluding bringing the Act of Succession into the modern era - during the Labour Party Conference, it is even more important that we make the most of the opportunities available to us.

The campaign Make Your Vote Count set a target last week of doubling the 200 responses they had already received. This has been done telling the Ministry of Justice (that name sounds so Orwellian??) that the First-Past-the-Post system is a barrier to voting. But they want to go further. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the special online form - I did it this morning: www.makevotescount.org.uk/email.php

There are even some helpful suggestions as to what barriers exist to voting - see here.

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