20 Sep 2008

Enough airport nonsense from Labour

In the last post I covered Staverton Airport's expansion plans - but it is perhaps no wonder that folk think they can expand Airport's? After all we have a Government claiming to tackle climate change yet plans to expand airports.

Photo: Ad in The Independent today

Another attempt to make them see sense arrived in my email box this morning - they want folk to write to Ruth Kelly to stop her climate-wrecking airport plans. For more info go to: www.enoughsenough.org/e/confused.html

Indeed I also just came across a report by the BBC telling of the wonders of expanding Staverton airport (see here). I understand one campaigner has complained at that - it is like these journalists just don't get it - no mention of the CO2 emissions that this new service will produce, just what a great new service this is going to be! Can we assume the BBC supports the expansion?

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