6 Sep 2008

5th place in Best Green Blogs 2008

Jim Jay who held the third Top Green bloggers listing writes that "The Green Blogosphere is definitely picking up, both in the numbers of green blogs and their quality." This year I have been delighted to be voted in at number 5 - see top 20 list below - these are not only Green party blogs but anyone writing from a green perspective - and clearly the vote is just a little bit of fun that also helps highlight interesting blogs. I estimate there are now well over 200 green blogs - more than double the number 2 years ago...

It was good to see that Molly Scott Cato's "Gaian Economics" - a Green look at economics - also made the top 20 at number 12 - last year she won the Peoples Vote for best Green Blogger - it is an excellent read indeed - and amazing to have two Stroud bloggers in the top 20. Meanwhile newer green blogs like Rayyan Mirza and Aled Fisher, who are great reads, haven't quite been going long enough to get onto this year's list.

Like last year there was also a people's choice award which went to the blog of Greenpeace UK. Congratulations - a good choice that isn't just a list of press releases but has much more - the other two getting a mention in the People's Choice were Ecostreet and Transition Culture who came second and third respectively in the poll - two excellent blogs.

Meanwhile Iain Dale has published the overlord of lists with the top 100 of UK political blogs. Only one green makes the list this year - Jim Jay at the 83rd spot. Iain, a Conservative candidate in the last election and political commentator also compiled the top 20 Green blogs - in that listing I make 16th place in public votes - pity I wasn't hear to encourage folk to vote - hey that was vanity talking - anyhow see the Green party press release here.

1 Two Doctors
2 Bean Sprouts
Green Girls Global
Kitchen Witch
Ruscombe Green
6 Peter Tatchell
Barkingside 21
Greenpeace UK
Stuart's Big Green Spot
11 Flesh is grass
Gaian Economics
13 Johnny Void
14 Coventry Green Party
15 Jenny Jones
16 Philobiblon
17 Ecostreet
18 Hippy Shopper
19 Transition Culture
Alice in Blogland


Mrs Green said...

Well done philip - that's a great achievement. There are some fab blogs on that list and it's excellent that you are number 5. Celebrate your success this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Yes some great other blogs - and of course yours!