12 Jul 2008

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish meeting

Well I was tired Thursday night - wanted to go and hear Paul Mobbs talking on Peak Oil - apparently packed out and great - then there was also a Cabinet meeting with several key items to be discussed - two or three other Greens were going to that and took my issues with them to raise so it was to the Parish meeting I went...I am not a Parish councillor but do get to meetings when they don't clash with District Council meetings...

Photos: recent hay making in Ruscombe valley - done by tractors - although The Telegraph report one Cornish farmer has, after fuel prices have risen 700%, replaced his tractor with oxen - see here.

Parish minutes will be out soon and on their website. No real further news on grit bins, ward name change, basketball, a Parish logo competition, mast at Ash Lane or Watercourse wardens job description. But here are a few of the issues discussed in their very full agenda that lasted until 10.00pm:

Well I wont go into stuff here in depth as the20 is Plenty: I fed back with Peter Hood, the Parish Councillor, progress at our recent meeting on this - see here.

Village Shop toilet: the Ruscombe and Whiteshill Village Shop (run by volunteers) had it's loo burnt down by vandals a while back (see previous blog). This loo is also available for daytime users of the Playing Field and other members of the public and not just the Community Shop and cafe. There has been a funding shortfall despite considerable efforts by the local Community and grants from the Parish, Help the Aged and others including some from insurers. It was good to hear that they now have the money - I had supported their queries to the District Council for funds but it was not possible in this financial year. Anyhow it will be great to have that rebuilt - well done to all who worked so hard.

Allotments in the Parish: 6 residents have now applied so the Parish has a legal duty to investigate whether they can provide them. If more in the Parish are interested in allotments please email the clerk: clerk@whiteshillandruscombe.org.uk

Verges: a brief discussion on how these can be maintained better in future - advice is due out soon from experts.

Phone box closures: as noted on this blog we are to loose the one at Ludlow Green - apparently only 32 calls last year and at Westrip - 53 calls last year. They are two of the 51 boxes proposed for removal. Most of the phone boxes take phone cards only and those phone cards are not always sold locally but they do reverse charge calls - although I've not tried and some say it is difficult to do? Certainly during emergencies, the mobile phone network can be come inundated - and a significant number of people in the community cannot afford to use their pay as you go phones to queue on hold to get key information for services - plus batteries of mobiles get flat etc. However so far I have not been approached by a single person re saving these boxes and no comments or emails left on this blog. However I still have a sad feeling that these proposed closures are another small loss to our communities. One Parish Councillor spoke out against the closures. For more information: www.stroud.gov.uk/payphone including an interactive map, and feedback form. There is also a hotline where people can ring and an information pack will then be sent (01453 754092). The first Consultation closes 14th July 2008. Final consultation commences 23rd July 2008 and closes 22nd August 2008. Final Notice published 3rd September. The process must be completed by 6th September or else we are advised the process is void.

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