1 Jul 2008

Stroud Open Homes for a sustainable future website launched

Here is a date for the diary - as part of Transition Stroud I've been working on this project a fair few hours each week - applying for funding, contacting home owners, meetings with various folk and plenty more - and now a Transition Colleague has set up the website and I have been adding info and getting it into a reasonable state - yes I know we need to do more but the basic info is there...

Photos: Transition Stroud Energy Group meeting to discuss solar at one of the homes that will be opne in September

Open Homes for a sustainable future Saturday 13th and 14th September 2008

This will be your opportunity to visit homes around Stroud, see renewable energy in action, discuss energy efficiency and get advice on eco-renovations…

On the Saturday 13th September we have an exhibition of the energy efficiency and renewable energy measures that people can take plus grant information, in what hopes to be the opening of the country's first carbon neutral village hall in Randwick. Plus over that weekend we have ten homes open to the public to show Solar Thermal, Wood Pellet boilers, rainwater harvesting, solid wall insulation and much more. There will also be tours of Tranquility House that has been dubbed by the Building Contracts Journal as ‘the most energy efficient house in the world’.

There are also two guided walks of the homes which are part of the Stroud's Walking Festival and a cycle route is also being developed by Bicycology Stroud. The District Council has supported us in helping fund 3,000 leaflets which I hope will be ready next week - it took me hours to condense the info to A4 size - anyhow that will have info on grants and the open homes.

So now visit our website which has times and details of the homes. Thoughts welcomed! As noted it is in the process of being developed further to provide more information about the homes:

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