8 Jul 2008

Rogue textile banks and cardboard recycling

Over the past few months, as the value of textiles has risen, the Council has been made aware that there has been an increase in the number of non-SDC textile collection banks located throughout the District. Apparently they do not have a true feeling for the number that have been installed by others in pub carparks, outside shops etc so they are now seeking feedback as to the locations of these other banks. Let me know!

Photo: above textile bank and left recycling in Salcombe

Meanwhile after a question from a resident I asked the Council re cardboard recycling - they are still looking at a potential scheme that will allow them to expand its cardboard bank service. At present, they are experiencing problems with our existing cardboard banks; residents flytipping around them - not bothering to fill them up; traders using them at will illegally etc. These issues create operational problems that necessitate significant resources being diverted from normal duties such as cleaning streets, to deal with the problem. One of their ways forward is to work with local residents (volunteers) who are happy to help monitor the banks and undertake to clear excess cardboard from the ground (from users not bothering to post the card into the banks). Several Parish Council's have been approached to see if they can engage in a trial. Hopefully more info soon as this District is slipping way behind in terms of cardboard recycling.

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