24 Jul 2008

Randwick Parish meeting, Elfins, Safe Water and Telephone boxes

Time has caught up again - I had wanted to share various bits but just don't have the time this week so here are a few bits....

Randwick Parish meeting last week - I was able to raise a few issues - including my frustration at being unable to get any real action relating to several Highways issues just outside the ward - eg the collapsing wall in Westrip Lane (see here) - it has been assessed several times but why no action? The Parish had another meeting last week to look at it again. I know I am not a County Councillor but if I was a member of the public I would expect at least a response to my emails? Indeed similar could be said about my complaint twice now re the footpath near Wheelers Walk - it now seems to smell of sewage (see here). At least with this I had an acknowledgement of my email but still no response from County in over a month. Is this a lack of funding or what? Anyhow more action planned on those ones and the Randwick Runner will no doubt have a summary of the meeting...

Willow Elfins - another meeting last week was in Stratford Park playground with parents and children of the Elfin Woodcraft group - we organised a very draft plan for next term - there are spaces for children and we could do with more leaders - see more by clicking on label below.

Safe Water Campaign - last week I went to the Stroud meeting to consider the latest re our campaign against water fluoridation. Several exciting ideas have been put forward - and much needed as Hampshire seem to be pushing ahead with their plans and ignoring local opposition - indeed they have put together a quite extraordinary biased case - see press item I added to the blog here. I also managed to add a video of the chorus of the protest song here.

Telephone boxes - regular blog readers will know that Westrip Lane and Ludlow Green boxes are proposed to be removed - Stroud District Council has now completed the First consultation on the proposed removal of all the 51 public payphones. They apparently had a good response from the public - although I've not had any contact over this issue. They have substantial evidence for retention of at least 45 of the public payphones. The remaining 6, have been objected to their removal in principle. In a cover letter to the State Secretary and BT it was emphasised that many of the phones (in the past year) had been changed from coin to card; cards are often not available; and whilst mobile phone ownership is reported as high, this may not be the case in semi-rural areas. The Final consultation runs from 23rd July - 22nd August 2008. Do visit the website to make comments: www.stroud.gov.uk/payphone or obtain a form through the Hotline number 01453 754092. Details of objections:
1. 01453 764946 Ludlow Green, Ruscombe, Stroud GL6 6DG Object: Historic significance
2. 01453 763370 At Westrip Farm, Westrip, Stroud GL6 6HA Object: Close proximity to social housing – highly unlikely to afford phones, 200m from Cotswold Way – assists walkers, Historic significance.

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