13 Jul 2008

Gifford Circus: not to be missed

Yesterday I went to Gifford Circus in Cirencester - the rain - wow - no wonder Fairford Tattoo was cancelled - and like the first time I saw Gifford two years ago I was wooed and entertained in wonderful ways - see their Tour website here. They come to Stroud later in August but family reasons mean I am unlikely to be able to go then so had to make the extra trip to Cirencester....it really is a 'don't miss' show.

I love the lack of corporate commercialism - like the totally wonderful Ragged Hedge Fair (that I will also miss this year) which is on 29th to 31st August (don't miss that either! See photos from last year here).

Anyhow the afternoon was magic - Tweedy, the clown, was as great as ever - had me in stitches as well as the children - and at one point made comments about my bright shirt (see photo of Tweedy with his dod/iron) as he tried to sell folk twigs for 50p each - or you could have a nibble on his carrot for 20p....there was also a trapeze artist that played Scarborough Fair on the violin - loved it - and jugglers galore - two particularly good ones described as '100 year old Ethiopian twins who were untouched by age' (indeed it was true - they barely looked in their 20s!)...

...and dancing and Shakespeare and I especially loved the energy of the band - a 10-piece Balkan brass band fresh from the streets of Paris, who played raucous gypsy sounds. There was also an eight-man hand-to-hand vaulting act from Russia.....I'm exhausted just remembering...all in a great tent surrounded by caravans.

No photographs allowed but I had taken the one of Tweedy before the show started - hope they don't mind me putting it here.

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