9 Jul 2008

Fairford Tattoo: don't go!

The Fairford Tattoo is again on us and the Green party is, not surprisingly, not able to support this event which uses such vast amounts of CO2 and glorifies these weapons while Iraqis and others are dying. See excellent letter here covering the issues.

Photo: Fairford sign

Meanwhile Nailsworth Climate change activist and Plane Stupid member is going further and planning to highlight the damages on our climate from the Fairford Tattoo - see here his website and Indymedia here - see what he writes below to the Fairford organisers and local press - it is certainly an indication of how frustrated many campaigners are feeling by the political process which is failing us. On the one hand we get messages about how dangerous climate change is - a greater threat than terrorism - then on the otherhand you see airport expansions still going ahead and air shows like this one.

Here's what he writes: Within the past month, James Hanson (NASA's chief climate change scientist) has warned that "unless we can cut our CO2 emissions in the atmosphere to 350 ppm within the next couple of years we are toast." To put it in context, we are currently at 450 ppm CO2 equivalent. Within the last month it has been reported there is a 50% chance of being able to sail to the North Pole this summer. If this happens we will hit one of our key climatic tipping points. Within the past month an amendment has been tabled to increase the CO2 cut from 60% to 80% in the climate change bill. If passed, it will result in an unprecedented change to our society. The United Nations Human Development report has said ignoring climate change is a crime against humanity, and on a par with the atrocities of the Second World War. The CIA has said climate change is our biggest threat. So, our reaction to this is to stamp the largest possible carbon foot print on the ground by having an airshow which will fly planes in from all over the world to make the business of dropping bombs appear more family friendly than the business of climate change. We offer a challenge. We will paint out as many of your signs as we can before the weekend to raise awareness of the environmental damage you will be causing. You try and stop us.


Paul said...

You, sir, are an idiot. CO2 is life, being plant food and therefore the foundation of the food chain. Perhaps you might care to explain how a trace gas, which constitutes no more than 0.04% by volume of the atmosphere - yes, you read that right - could bring about the preposterous scenarios you envisage. (Clue - "because Al Gore/the Guardian/BBC/Independent said so" will not suffice as an answer)
Implementing the ludicrous "carbon cuts" demanded by the climate hysterics will count as the greatest misallocation of resources in history, dwarfing by far the sums spent on the nuclear arms race - and all to tackle a "problem" which is merely a manifestattion of natural cycles.
People, go to Fairford and enjoy the sights and sounds of freedom!

Now publish this....

Philip Booth said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment - although I think the "idiot" comment is a little strong!

We have on the one side a few scientists with no peer-reviewed science claiming that climate change maybe natural then on the other side you have virtually all scientific institutions saying climate change is manmade and dangerous.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and it's peer reviewed analysis of 2,500 of the world's top climate scientists shows no doubts.

I find it hard to understand that there are folk willing to gamble on the future of human existence on the basis of such little evidence.

Then on top of that we have the evidence of fossil fuels running out - we must move to a low carbon way of life...

I recently came across these:
Do Scientists really believe in Climate Change?
Monbiot on Climate censorship:

To my mind we have no option but to believe those scientists that have shown how the changes in our climate are not anywhere close to natural changes - we must act. Not to do so is surely insane.

Anonymous said...

Climate denial is an extraordinary response - but perhaps not so surprising - denial it is often the first response to shocking news- anfd the first stage in grieving - let's hope these folks come through beore it is too late - and like ytou say can we really afford to take the risk and not take these scientists seriusly?