12 Jul 2008

Don't fall for land sale in Ruscombe Valley, Stroud?

It was interesting to see that land in the Ruscombe Valley (see fields left and further down valley below) is still being sold for outrageous prices - I suspect they are getting desperate as all political parties have said no to development here - it's AONB - and there is such a strong action group (click 'Label' below for more on the Ruscombe Valley Action Group) - indeed at the first meeting with no notice over 100 local residents turned out. I really can't see this land being developed - it can't even be fenced as an Article 4 was put on it so there is little that it could be used for...

See the advert here. They want offers in excess of £17,500 and describe it as: "This piece of land is designated as agricultural and therefore is being sold with no planning permission. However, the vendor is of the opinion that it will command a high price in the event of a successful planning application. The plot is 0.25 acres. It would be large enough for a detached dwelling with gardens with the relevant and successful planning permission." And is this another advert here?

Is anyone still falling for that? Of course it would be a high price if it had planning - in my view this is a scam - not on the same level as I have reported on this blog re other companies who are landbanking - but nevertheless a scam - indeed on a website called Property Scam you can still read about the Ruscombe valley - see here for lots of reasons why not to buy.

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