16 Jul 2008

Cheaper walk-on rail fares please

More of yesterdays' waste meeting in this blog soon - had various other meetings and stuff this evening so haven't had a chance but did wanted to highlight this campaign...Walk-on rail fares are up to seven times more expensive than advance fares. The problem is, we don't always know weeks in advance exactly when and where we'll need to travel. Walk-on fares must be reduced to make rail a viable alternative to driving for unplanned journeys.

High fares are the result of Government policy. The Government has announced that it wants to reduce its investment in the railways and make passengers pay even more. Ask your MP to write to the Transport Secretary, calling for affordable walk-on rail fares. Go to website to email your MP here.

The Campaign for Better Transport have also exposed that whilst scheming to cut its investment in the railways, the Government has been sneakily approving massive cost increases for roadbuilding. They've been fighting for almost a year to get the Department for Transport to publish the latest costs of its local road schemes, and last week it finally caved. It turns out that the schemes will cost a staggering 56% more than originally expected – that's hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money. There is no question that roadbuilding money would be better spent on improving alternatives to driving, and not least on bringing rail fares down.

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