1 Jul 2008

Bread Street residents photo

Well coming soon to this blog is news and photos of the great Bread Street street party which was on Saturday - but in the meantime Bread Street photographer Mike Gallagher has put one of the photos on the Parish noticeboard in the street (see photos here).

Mike will do a copy at cost-price £3 - call him on 764319. Not everyone in the photo as we had a few latecomers and a couple of households were away - but great to see. He also has some other excellent shots - again I hope to put some on this blog.


Alan & Anne Crosskey said...

Congratulations on a great street party....almost, but not quite, makes us wish we were back in Bread Street. It's lovely to see the photo's with so many familiar faces, all enjoying a great day.
Best wishes,
Alan & Anne

Sven said...

Good Job! :)