27 Jul 2008

Blog Holiday

After some reluctance I have decided to stop this blog until 1st September - blogging can become addictive - it will be a chance to catch up on work, "spend time with the family" and hopefully also relax a bit more this summer. I hope the nearly 3,000 readers this last month will all return again when I pick up the mouse and set to work here again - have a good summer folks! All the best - Philip

Photo: View from Randwick earlier in year

PS I have removed the 'Comments' facility just for this period - it will be restored!

PPS Don't forget the exciting "Open Homes for a sustainable future" - 13th and 14th September 2008 - a chance to visit homes around Stroud and see renewable energy in action, discuss energy efficiency and get advice on eco-renovations. Download our leaflet and see details here:

1 comment:

Ecovision said...

This looks like it's going to be a really good event for this blog's readers. They'll be a whole host of valuable insights to be gained over the two days.

The official re-opening of Randwick Village Hall on Sat 13th Sept is one of personal interest because the company I work for - EcoVision - has installed the Ground Source Heat Pump there.

Try to get involved over the two days, I think it'll be worth it! Plenty of free advice on improving eco-credentials and reducing fuels costs.

Mark Reynolds