8 Jul 2008

Bike Week success

Last Thursday I went along to the Open Meeting of Transition Stroud to update on projects like the Open Homes and Library that I have been involved in - it was also a great chance to hear about some of the other projects going on - and one that is very inspiring indeed comes from the Transport Group...

During Bike Week 81 pupils cycled during the week and around 60 attended the breakfast for Marling School alone. The pupils were cycling from as far away as France Lynch and Dursley, Eastington and Forest Green. Around half of the pupils are still cycling to school.

See loads more inspiring stuff with photos at the brand new page:

At the school level a travel plan is being looked at and considering stuff like storage where cycles will be secure and dry and meeting with County officers. The group are thinking widely - one of the reasons, for example, that pupils give for not cycling to school is the need to carry their cricket bags because of the quality of the kit available at school. One proposal maybe that if the PTA could purchase some better kit (especially pads which are bulky), then the pupils need only bring their bat, helmet and box which can be carried on a bike. Then they would need somewhere to store their kit safely at school.

Meanwhile talking of Transition - Rob Hopkin's blog has just today put a film up of the conference earlier this year - see here.

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