26 Jun 2008

Waste Strategy Advisory Panel to be established

The two previous blogs cover items from this evenings Full Council meeting - I'm running out of energy to write but wanted to also mention that Cllr Sarah Lunnon, Leader of the Green group on the District Council seconded a motion with Lib Dem Leader Cllr Dennis Andrewartha to set up a Waste Strategy Advisory Panel. This panel will assist the Administration in devising, formulating and implementing an extensive and robust waste policy.

It is great that this proposal has gained the support of the Administration. This panel, which will be made up of a representative of each party, is our best hope at developing a coherent cross-party approach to tackling our waste in the District. I am likely to be one of two Green councillors involved with this on behalf of the Greens. It is certainly true that unless we get to grips with this issue we are in danger of facing huge and rising costs from continuing to landfill our waste. Worse still we could face a monster incinerator being built locally, when there are much more sustainable choices which are less damaging and costly in the long term.

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