30 Jun 2008

Stroud: UK capital of social innovation?

Stroud Common WealthThis is the title of an exciting event planned for August - bookings close on July 6th so get yourself a place on this very soon. You've read about it; you've listened to the Archers going on about it.....now here's an opportunity to see for yourself what's going on in this rather unusual Cotswold town, to check out the new ideas being tried out here, moving vision into action. This is the stuff from their blurb...

Photo: Pic from Stroud Commonwealth who are supporting this initiative

Stroud Communiversity is set up to help you. For five days in August we'll be showcasing many of the brilliant projects here, including Community Supported Agriculture, Co-housing, the Exchange, Stroud Valleys Artspace and more. You'll be able to visit these ground-breaking initiatives, to touch and smell them (that'll be the organic pigs) and talk to those who had the ideas and the determination to see them into reality.

But this is not a one-way process: we want to hear about what you are doing in your community, and what you plan to do. Stroud Communiversity provides ample opportunity for debate and dissemination, exchanging ideas, visions and experiences that we all can learn from. And it will be fun! The activity-packed programme will include music from local bands, creative activities with local artists (we've got hundreds!), and a chance to savour Stroud's fantastic, award-winning Farmers Market and the wide range of restaurants we're rather proud of.

That's how it all started really: we are proud of what we are doing here, proud of our ability to persevere against suspicion and inertia, proud of the collaborative way so many great schemes have come about, proud of the way Civil Society can care for its community. And we recognise that there is amazing stuff going on elsewhere too. Particularly when we're tired of always going that extra mile, we need the inspiration that others bring. So please join us. It'll be a blast! We'd love to see you and hear what you're up to.

Stroud Communiversity runs from the late afternoon of August 1st to lunchtime on August 6th. There are limited numbers of places, so if you intend to come, secure a place now to avoid disappointment – details below. There are places for organisations, individuals, concessions and a few bursaries. We look forward to seeing you in Stroud. To download brochure and booking form please go to www.stroudcommonwealth.org.uk and click on Stroud Communiversity. For any further information and booking enquiries please contact Odiliavitalsqueeze@gmail..com

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