2 Jun 2008

Severn Barrage Feasibility Study compromised?

Here's a letter sent to District Council Chief Exec and administration following the presentation to Full Council last week.

Photos: River Severn

I've had assurances from David Drew re his opposition to the barrage but no answers yet re Parsons Brinckerhoff raised below - West Glos Greens are also raising concerns about that with Government Ministers....

Thanks for the presentation on the Severn Tidal Power Feasibility Study at Full Council last week. The Green party group wanted to note their support to those calling for a Stroud District Council submission regarding the Environmental Impact. We would welcome seeing any final draft of the report, but do recognise there is not much time for this report to be compiled.

severnAs one further point I have raised in several places a concern relating to the fact that Parsons Brinckerhoff are getting £3m for the study but then they are also claiming intellectual property rights to the Shoots Barrage. This would seem like a conflict of interest? I have not had any joy yet from my questions and would welcome any information about this you may have.

We are hoping for an assessment of value, looking at all the options, not just one for the benefit of Parsons Brinckerhoff?

Cllr. Philip Booth on behalf of Stroud District Council Green party group,
Stroud District councillor for the Randwick, Ruscombe and Whiteshill ward,

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