29 Jun 2008

Randwick head gets top accolade

I have to say I was horrified to see a picture of the headteacher of Randwick Village School under the headline about the hunt for a pigeon killer. It took me a moment to see that headline didn't go with the pic in The Citizen....

Infact it was the results of the Regional Final of the National Teaching Awards 2008. As reported here Randwick's Mrs Fiona Montacute was a finalist - the results announced this last week have her named as "Runner-Up with a Distinction. Congrats indeed.

Mrs M has been Head for 11 years and it has been good to see the school gain a second gold Art Mark, a recent Active Mark and an International award...I was disappointed to miss (due to Council meeting) the production this last week which included Country Dancing Bollywood and more!

Anyhow it was not long ago that Sally Cushnan, who used to work at the school and still lives locally, was a national finalist as a Teaching Assistant. We are very lucky to have such good schools locally - Whiteshill Primary has also seen a whole collection of awards.

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