6 Jun 2008

Petition against the US missile shield plans

The U.S. government, with Poland and the Czech Republic, is very close to sealing a deal for a "defensive missile shield." As noted on this blog before Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar (pictured in Prague), have been on a hunger strike for over three weeks. Their actions have highlighted the truth of what is going on around this missile shield to a much wider audience. I hope others will feel able to at the least sign the petition below.

Jan Tamas, kindly sent a message to this blog - and I now hear that Bednar has been hospitalized once and diagnosed with liver failure.

A recent poll shows two-thirds of Czechs against U.S. missile shield plans. Greenpeace have set up a tent city, "Spot Height 718" on the site and we have news that the missile defense systems "tests have failed roughly half the time."

Read more re "the militarization of space is already a fact of life... -the weaponization of space has not happened" [Yet]:

Here is a petition that deserves serious consideration for support of nonviolent action against US bases in the Czech Republic (already 112,000 signed): http://petice.nenasili.cz/?lang=en

Here Giorgio Schultze's comment: "In a moment of global economic crisis where the cost of food is growing incredibly and education and health-care are being dangerously privatized, it is madness to spend millions of Euros on war and the production of new weapon systems. In such a difficult moment of global history, Europe must not support any policy that pushes the planet towards catastrophe: the lives of millions of people are at stake. We cannot allow our politicians to support the absurd intentions of the United States to transform Europe into the theatre of a possible nuclear war". Read the rest here:

The protest is spreading all over Europe. In many cities there are permanent demonstrations and other activities of support. The Mayors for Peace 2020 Vision Campaign, of which Stroud is one of the 2,277 cities signed up, sends its solidarity and support to the two young Czechs, Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar. See Noam Chomsky's words of support here and good 10 minute video here.

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