6 Jun 2008

Katharina Heinrich and Patsy Gamble

Feeling laid back this Friday evening.....a long while ago I remember a special evening listening to Katharina Heinrich (pictured) - she can still be found playing locally - today I was sent this link to her Youtube video here. Worth a listen...."Often compared to songstress queens Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones, Katharina has gained the reputation as a highly accomplished and versatile singer/songwriter & composer. A human concoction between sophisticated jazz diva, quirky Pippi Longstocking and wittily wordy intellectual, she never fails to move, amuse, shock and charm her audiences wherever she performs. Her understated style betrays her powerful and passionate talent and surprises at second sight & sound, not at first."

patsygambleMeanwhile another local Patsy Gamble (pictured)is just back from a tour of Poland - she is playing a fund-raising gig for the Green party in Stroud on 28th June - I've just sent out some advertising and thought ought to mention here as well - see full details here - don't miss this special sound - love that sax - great stuff indeed!

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