4 Jun 2008

Cash crisis threatens village hall project

The future of Randwick Village Hall's exciting improvement project hangs in the balance. There is a £10,000 cash shortfall which needs to be found within the next month for the scheme to start.

It would be an enormous pity if this innovative energy efficiency scheme can't go-ahead but there is a way to help....we only need 20 people each lending £500 in order to pull this off - or 200 people lending £50....the problem is that the £71,000 grant while covering 100% of this part of the project, is only paid 6 weeks after completing the project ie late August...so money back November.

The money is urgently needed to provide deposits to contractors so that the scheme can start - contact Alan Tomlinson, who has done a marvellous job with his team to get this far - call him on 764704. Please help!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advert Phil. The latest situation is over the last 10 days enough money has been pledged so we are in the clear. Also, we have won another £24,000 from LCBP who pay 50% up front.

All the contracts have now been placed. We are waiting project plans from the suppliers but expect completion b4 September.

We hope to be included in your eco buildings walk later this year.

Alan Tomlinson

Philip Booth said...

Brilliant news - what a great team - and village! More re Open Homes project coming very soon!