Be a guest blogger?

At Ruscombe Green we welcome and encourage guest blogs and thoroughly enjoy the diversity of voice and alternative perspectives that this brings.

We do have some guidelines about what submission we accept and publish. Unfortunately not everything we receive we can accept, even if we like you, and what you have written/created for the blog.

These are our Ruscombe Green guest blog guidelines;

·         Submissions must be well written - they don’t need to be academic but they need to be spell-checked and edited and ready to publish wherever possible.

·         Submissions must be original – everyone gets inspiration from other places, but posts should be original in content

·         Articles submitted must be ‘green’ -  this blog does not officially reflect the views of the Green Party but  it is affiliated with Stroud and Cotswold District Green Party. This means that submissions need to be about themes related to the Green Party, Green policy, Green ideas, innovation, ecology, social justice

·         Less is normally more – wherever possible there are two rules from George Orwell about writing effectively that you should follow 1. “Never use a long word where a short one will do” and 2. “If it is possible to cut a word out, cut it out”

·         Play nice – we like to keep things positive and optimistic. We won’t post personal attacks or offensive or discriminatory material.

·         Local – if you can, please give submissions an element that is local to Gloucestershire and to local themes and issues

Go to our 'Contact us' page to send submissions.

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